Case Study - Strategic Investment
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Security Awareness & Training Assessment
Client - Federal Government Department with international offices
The client needed a comprehensive approach to security awareness and skills training at headquarters and at all international offices. The Department wanted a systematic, effective plan to ensure that all staff were aware of the implications and need for security, and that each individual possessed the required skills to implement security policy and procedures.

This project assessed the
extent and composition
of future staff training

The results were used to
target improvements to
the security awareness
and training program.


Strategic Investment

To assess the current security knowledge and attitude within the Department, security staff were interviewed, security records analyzed, skill testing survey questions were addressed to general staff members and management opinions were sought. Results were cross compared by staff and management levels. Three survey instruments were used: (a) Management Questionnaire used open ended questions to solicit opinions and suggestions concerning the impact of the security program; (b) Staff Survey asked for ratings concerning various aspects of security, such as: sanctions, support, effectiveness, training, threats, needs, etc. In addition, an attempt was made to determine the existing knowledge level concerning threat analysis and classification and designation; (c) Current Resources Review - Current training and information items were evaluated for effectiveness, quality, consistency, and appeal in both a learning and job performance context. The results of each assessment stage were reported separately to Security Group. The final report reviewed the implications and attempted to explain the source of conflicting attitudes and experiences. This report recommended a plan of action to further develop the security awareness program.

Review and report on past performance experiences of the Department using historical data and Security staff experience.

  • Design of Measurement Tools: a paper-based Management Questionnaire and print and electronic versions of the Staff Survey in both official languages.
  • Review and report of security performance criteria as described by Management.
  • Review and report on the awareness level and training needs as perceived by staff.
  • Awareness and Training Resources Review.
  • Consolidated Report with recommendations for future actions and alternative methods.
Key Success Factors

Understanding the complexities of awareness, attitudes and social factors as it affects security performance.

  • Extensive knowledge of Government and Department security requirements.
  • Creation of effective measurement tools. Integration of two software applications to create the crucial deliverables upon which future plans will be based.
Demonstrated Capabilities
  • Project management
  • Requirements definition
  • Questionnaire and survey design/analysis
  • Electronic survey created with CBT software
  • Statistical analysis using SPSS software
  • Training options analysis and specifications