Case Study - Effective Liaison
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Effective Liaison

Are your subject matter experts over committed
yet they are interesting presenters?

Let Kwictech prepare the course design
and materials to make the training sessions
dynamic and effective.

The lead educational consultant guided domain experts in developing a five-day instructor-led course to be delivered in three separate sessions to a provincial government IT security personnel responsible for the development of IT and Information security policies. As the consultant was familiar with the subject matter, they were able to perform audience need assessment and contribute to content. Slides, instructor and student notes, and student evaluation forms were created.
The first two-day session stressed the theoretical foundations of information security management. It was exceeding hard on the participants who had not completed the pre-session assignments or were absolute novices in the field. Extensive course notes were provided. The second session delivered in January required the participants to create policy statements for a variety of domains, such as mobile computing, personnel security, acceptable use of computing resources, etc. Every topic had exercises to be completed with a partner, as part of a small group, or as part of a larger group reporting to the entire body. The third session combined presentation, discussion and Q&A. The four different presenters were effective with a minimum of preparatory work.
It was a major challenge to develop a course to be delivered by domain experts to a very large class (70 to 80 participants) with varying degrees of knowledge.