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From Vision to Reality

Structured Approach
Supports Business Goals
Satisfies Client, Corporate and Individual Needs
Performance Requirements Determine Investment
Resources are Fully Utilized
Ensures Effectiveness
Cost Effective

Kwictech has received recognition as a provider of quality learning opportunities to Canadian-based organizations servicing a widely dispersed population. Corporations face a variety of challenges related to distance and duplication as they endeavor to provide just-in-time learning opportunities.

Kwictech answers the best understood distance problem "geographic isolation and the high cost of travel" by providing a number of alternatives beyond the traditional instructor-led or the innovative web-based training solutions. Solutions which incorporate human interaction with the efficiency of technology can leverage investments. Duplication of delivery effort is reduced, and students learn the correct material at just the right time with the appropriate amount of coaching. Kwictech helps organizations to:

  • Define their needs
  • Create strategic and tactical plans
  • Perform detailed analysis of audience and task
  • Design programs and curriculum
  • Develop in-class, on-line, or coaching materials
  • Deliver and manage performance solutions

Kwictech assists other organizations to develop a broad spectrum of performance improvement products which include; awareness and communication programs, reference materials and performance standards, evaluation and certification tools, job aides and on-the-job training materials, self-paced instruction, and group instruction courseware. A nucleus of training and subject expert professionals from various fields provide performance consulting and training development services.