Services - Performance Analysis
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Understand the Real Problem

Incorporate Previous Validation Results
Perform GAP Analysis
Create Statement of Learning Requirements
Develop Strategic & Tactical Plans
Detailed Analysis of Learner & Task
Set Realistic Performance Objectives
Develop Training Strategy
Identify Measurement Methodology

Job Performance

Job performance drives the activities of Kwictech.  A nucleus of training and subject expert professionals from various fields provide performance consulting and training development services. Kwictech assists corporations to remove learning barriers imposed by diversity, disability, distance, duplication, and dollars.  Not every solution to a performance deficiency requires a classroom intervention or a high tech solution.  The clarification of policy statements, establishment of mentoring program, or provision of job aids and reference materials may be exactly what is required. If technology is used, then sound educational principles applied to the utilization of multimedia technology result in learning solutions that are effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Analysis, Planning and Measurement

It is difficult to plan for a meaningful investment of time and money if the performance problem is elusive and the desired outcomes are unknown. A thorough understanding of the entire situation avoids wasted effort. Sometimes, it is not lack of skill but rather another variable that hampers performance. Perhaps it is attitude, perhaps policies, or perhaps management directives or procedural requirements.

You can read about an organization that decided to investigate the true performance problem before developing a whole new set of introductory level security awareness training modules for their staff. What was discovered was a disconnect between management actions and corporate policy and there was a desire for advanced and more detailed information. The organization was able to address corporate policy issues at the executive level and their training dollars were used to develop targeted training initiatives that helped all levels of staff to fully understand the current reality of international threats to information security. See Case Study Strategic Investment for more details.

I keep six honest serving men.  They taught me all I knew.
Their names are: What and Why and When And How and Where and Who
Rudyard Kipling

Measurement is an important aspect of performance improvement both from the learner's and management point of view. With accurate knowledge, management and staff know if the learning effort was effective. Pre- and post-tests are used to measure immediate learning results and follow up validation programs are used to evaluate the long term effect on job performance. An accurate understand ensures that future improvement efforts are also on target.

Our plans often miscarry because they have no aim. When a man
does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.
Seneca (4 B.C.-A.D. 65)