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Laurette M. Lafleur - President

Ms. Lafleur has been involved in education and marketing in the transportation, computer, and professional services industries. Her experience in education includes needs assessment, curriculum design and delivery, and instructor development for a variety of institutions, such as associations, colleges, private industry, and systems integrators serving municipal and federal government and military organizations.

Ms. Lafleur has developed skill enhancement opportunities through on-going programs, which included competitions, simulations, and refresher courses. She uses this hands-on approach both to develop courseware and to teach. Based on her expertise, she has taught a variety of subjects, including clerical skills, road safety driving skills, emergency first aid, martial arts, management, marketing and sales skills, the use of office productivity products, and information security awareness. As a project leader, she has managed the development of instructor-led training courses related to information security, network administration, and network management.

The DriveSafe Program is a key cornerstone of both Ms. Lafleur's career and the destiny of Kwictech. As a certified instructor of Adults and Older Adults in three nationally recognized driving programs, Ms. Lafleur is also a Driver Assessor and a Road Safety Facilitator.

Paul A. Gale - Course Leader
Paul Gale began his career in computer systems development and management in a mainframe environment. For the last fifteen years, he has specialized in information technology security (INFOSEC), including Risk Management. He has assisted many types of organizations to prepare Threat/Risk Assessments, carry out Business Impact Analyses, and develop and test their Business and Disaster Recovery Plans. As the computer industry evolved, Paul's interest expanded to include network management issues and how their capabilities and vulnerabilities affect business performance. His approach to all aspects of Risk Management is business orientated with IT and INFOSEC playing subservient yet vital roles.

He has written and delivered seminars on these many subjects for clients and fellow consultants. Paul wrote and taught courses on a communications management system of an international military organization. His clients have included many government departments, private sector corporations, various organizations, and many technology dependent businesses in their initial growth phase.

Patrick M. Monaghan - Course Leader
Patrick Monaghan has been involved in the disaster recovery and emergency management field for 35 years. Following retirement from the Canadian Forces where he served as a Communications and Electronic Engineering Officer, he worked at the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College as an Education Officer. While at the College, Pat worked closely with municipalities, provincial organizations, and various federal government departments, training their staff in the construction of business continuity plans, emergency response plans, and other special-purpose continuity plans.

As a business management consultant Pat helps clients to create disaster recovery and emergency response plans. Recent projects include the development of an Emergency Response Plan for a municipality that has had to face a serious forest fire, environmental pollution accidents, and an off-airport plane crash. He also completed a publication entitled "Developing a Farm Business Emergency Recovery Plan" and finished business resumption plans for a large federal government department with a world-wide service delivery mandate.