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Masters of Success

Ensure Learning is Accessible to All
Train the ‘Teaching Team’
Deliver Performance Improvement Solutions
Utilize Learning Management Systems
Validate Training Initiatives
Evaluate Return on Investment

Track Success


Learning Requirements

Use Personal Learning Style
Suitable Location, Reduce Travel Time
Respect Time Commitments
Build on Knowledge
Meet Special Needs
Choice of Schedule
Meet Performance Requirements

Management Needs

Address Diversity
Reduce Travel Costs
Efficient & Effective
Leverage Past Efforts
Return Investment
JIT or 24/7 Availability
Measure Performance Improvement

Learning Requirements

As each learner has unique needs, a key aspect of Kwictech's business approach is to make the process of learning accessible to a wide segment of the adult population. Accessibility from an individual's perspective includes technological as well as personal barriers imposed by diversity and disability. Differences in availability of computing resources, language, culture, influences, sensory capabilities and preferences for the various aspects of multimedia technology all create challenges when many learners try to access a single style of training solution.

I hear and I forget.  
I see and I remember. 
I do and I understand.

Chinese Proverb
In addition, learning styles differ. Some people learn best in a learning environment where information is communicated verbally, others learn only when discussion is possible. Others assimilate new concepts through reading reference material, while another absorbs knowledge from studying pictures, drawings or watching movies. Still others, learn best by discovery and experimentation. All of these examples influences audio and visual presentation. A fundamental philosophy of Kwictech is that a successful learning solution gives the student control of the learning opportunity. We encourage the client to make multiple learning pathways available to their staff.
Management Needs
In today's economic environment a key business issue is value. There are no unlimited budgets to be spent on performance improvement initiatives that have little, none, or detrimental effect. Kwictech works together with management to understand the key issues, target solutions to specific need, and track and measure the results over time. Kwictech can be responsible for the entire process (see Inclusive Design) or can assist management by taking on a specific component (see Effective Liaison) of development or delivery. Learning management and training validation systems can be designed to fit any size of enterprise. For small and medium-size companies, Kwictech can act as the corporate training manager on an as-needed basis. We can help a business implement their corporate vision and reach their business goals.
We must open the doors of opportunity.
But we must also equip our people
to walk through those doors.

Lyndon B. Johnson