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Waterfall at Almonte

Kwictech Interactive assists its clients
to achieve their business goals by
improving job performance through the
strategic use of training solutions.

Design and development activities
support training delivery services
for the following programs:
road safety
personal power
, and
corporate continuity planning


Kwictech is both the name of the company and a daily reminder of its mission. KWIC is an acronym from the database world meaning "key words in context" - it centers our attention on the value of training to excellence in job performance. TECH reminds us that if it is used effectively, technology is a tool that can conquer the barriers to learning.

Kwictech provides design and development services
  • We work with you and your subject matter experts to enhance performance. A formal methodology is used to ensure practical and robust solutions. Look through SERVICES for more information.
  • Traditional instructor-led courses and e-Learning partnerships are available; please review our successes described in CASE STUDIES
  • Ask to see SAMPLES of the papers, plans, courses, and materials that we have already developed.
Kwictech delivers training programs
  • The DriveSafe Program is for experienced and mature drivers. Defensive driving courses are delivered at corporate sites or in a local community setting. Fleet and individual driver assessments are provided for licensed drivers. In-car coaching is also available.
  • The Personal Power Program empowers individuals. Our trainers and associates have many interests, and Kwictech supports its team by publicizing their involvement in many types of volunteer and business training activities.
  • The Continuity Management Program prepares a business to survive the turmoil associated with unforeseen disruptions. We have many courses and seasoned professionals that will help you prepare your business and train your staff.
Training resources are shared with the community 
  • See Our Home for a description of our location near the beautiful town of Almonte.
  • Kwictech works with OCRI, ASTD, ODLG, SALT, CSC, OSL, OSC, RSEA, DCA and the Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce. See Links for quick access.
  • Our key people have professional certification - see Who's Who for details.
  • See the FOR YOU section for fun items may be of interest in your work.
  • A Site Map and Privacy Statement is provided for your convenience and information.
  • Please use the CONTACT section to request information or register for courses.